Walk 8: Feltham walk to Staines

Walk 8: FELTHAM walk to STAINES

est. 2 1/2 hours 

The train line opened in 1848.

Routing note: This walks connects in Feltham with walk 7. It does not connect to other train walks in Staines, but it connects there to my WAAL Walk All Around London route, which is identical in this area with a section of the Thames Path.

Ashford and Staines are outside of London Transport zones, but they are served by buses accepting London Transport passes and Oyster cards.

I have cycled the section between Feltham and Ahsford and am confident about the directions, but less sure about the time estimate. Between Ashford and Staines, I rely on maps as I have not walked this section. This explains why you get no pictures.


The station opened in 1848 on the new train line between Richmond and Staines. The junction from Hounslow was added in 1850.

The original station building is still visible but is now abandoned. The present ticket office was built in 1990 near the level crossing.

Exit Feltham station on the main crossroads

R on Bedfont Lane, but do not cross the railway line

directly L across the supermarket parking space along the railway tracks

Ahead Orchard Road still along the railway

Ahead on a public footpath along the railway embankment (some maps disagree here; if the footpath is now closed, take suburban roads as close to the railway as possible until you find the subway access I know exists)

R through the pedestrian subway under the tracks

L on a paved footpath along a fenced unused area

The footpath passes a school and merges into Dudley Road

L Bedfont Green

L Bedfont Road passing a cemetery

R enter Bedfont Lakes Country Park

Like a number of other open spaces in the outer suburbs, this country park started as a landfill. It was landscaped in 1988. Note that dogs must be kept on leash in the park as it is a nature reserve with a particular focus on birds due to the large lakes.

The country park stretches along the railway line. Aim towards the lake to your R and walk more or less along the lake until you reach the Visitor Centre

Exit the country park on

L Clockhouse Lane

R Parkland Road, turns R then L again

R Village Way

R in the school access road towards the main road

R Church Road


The station opened together with the train line in 1848.

The station building is a modest affair and looks like a later reconstruction, fitting with the rather modest traffic.

With your back to the station building, take

R Woodthorpe Road

When the road turns L near tennis courts, you need to turn

Ahead and R public footpath along the sports grounds

The footpath crosses the railway line and soon turns L along a narrow pond

It then turns somewhat R again and reaches Shortwood Common

Cross the common on the footpath towards the motorway exit and roundabout (Crooked Billet Roundabout on maps)

Cross Staines Bypass (A308) using the footbridge

L for a few yards on Greenlands Road parallel to the Bypass

very soon R Rosefield Road

Ahead Station Approach


The station opened in 1848 together with the train line. A junction towards Ascot was added in 1856. The station carried different names over time such as Staines Central, Staines Junction or Staines Old because there have been other stations in Staines at a time, Staines High Street between 1884 and 1916 and Staines West between 1885 and 1965.

The station building is a substantial affair with an upper storey and looks Victorian.

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